Elder Vernon Johnson


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What I am undertaking in this writing is of necessity an incomplete work.  I do not believe that any man can search out all the work of the Holy Spirit that is recorded for us in the scriptures within his lifetime.  The best we can do is present some of the principles of the work as the Lord gives us understanding.   Elder Vernon Johnson



1.  Third Person in the Godhead.

2.  Writing and Preserving the Scriptures.

3.  The New Birth.

4.  Filled with the Spirit.

5.  Preaching of the Gospel.

6.  Direction of the Gospel Ministry.

7.  Spiritual Gifts of Godís Children.

8.  Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

9.  Raising the Dead.

10. Holy Comforter.

11. Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. 

12. Unveiling of the Scriptures.

13. Signs of the Old Testament Prophets

14. Signs of the Apostles.

15. Testimony.

16. Necessity in Worship.

17.  Intercession on Behalf of the Saints.