The Consequences of Doctrine





All the Elect will Hear and Obey the Gospel



There is a doctrine in the world promoted by some that states all the elect will hear and obey the gospel at some point in their lifetime, and they further contend that those who hear and obey and later “fall away” were never really elect in the first place.




Here are some of the consequences of such a doctrine:


The doctrine maintains the elect WILL hear and by that hearing come into possession of eternal life.  While it is denied by those teaching it, in truth, that makes it little more than gospel regeneration for the elect. 


By implication, the gospel is more powerful than the life-giving voice of the Son of God.


Here are the certain consequences of this doctrinal stance:


a) If all the elect must hear, then events and circumstances must be ordained to orchestrate the preaching of the gospel to them that MUST hear.  How many steps until you are forced to accept the non-biblical doctrine of absolute predestination of all things?  


b) The elect cannot die naturally until they have heard (and in at least some small part, obeyed) the gospel.


c)  The need for organized missions becomes imperative.  


d) The support and financial requirements for these missions would also push an under-funded assembly towards a doctrine of tithing.


e)  Missions, money and attempting to preach the gospel to al the elect in all races, in all lands, in all time periods now create a situation where the job of salvation is on man’s efforts and you effectively have a works system.


e) When you have failed to reach the sinner with the gospel or he fails to respond accordingly to it, then you must judge him as non-elect by your very doctrine, and in so doing, have created a horrible situation wherein you are judging whether another’s name is in the lamb’s book of life.


The truth of the scriptures is clear.  The Lord knoweth them that are His.  He knew them before the foundation of the world, knew they would require redemption in this lifetime, and provided a way of salvation through His son.  Since he knows them from eternity past, and loved them while they were yet enemies, we know He alone can provide redemption, salvation, reconciliation and that none of it is by the preaching of the word.  He alone opens the ears to hear and grants eternal life.  The truth is some of the elect may live and die in this lifetime, secure in heaven, having never heard the name of Jesus Christ.


Spiritual Tweezers

Thorns in the flesh should be looked upon as opportunities for prayer, for spiritual growth and a fresh realization that the Lord's grace is all sufficient for whatever that thorn may be.
Thorns are the messengers of Satan reminding us of past sins, past and present failures. The devil seeks to stop us in our onward path of a spiritual life, just as a thorn would discomfort an otherwise pleasant walk. If left untreated, infection sets in and everything comes to a halt. This is the devil's aim. The Lord whispers sweet peace to us but Satan screams accusations. Of whom shall we listen? The point is: stop listening; stop considering; stop thinking and start praying. You need to hear your own voice in prayer to God and if you receive no answer, then keep praying. Paul prayed three times, Elijah prayed seven times, the poor widow wearied the unjust judge continually until he granted her request.
The devil transforms himself into an angel of light, he uses the Lord's name in vain, he will convince you this is God's will...but it is not God's will...if you feel the sting of a thorn then know that it is NOT the will of God. Our Lord speaks in a still small voice and one of comfort. He needs no thorns to present His view for His record is true. If the path before you is the path of righteousness, if it is one where your soul finds itself rejoicing, do not let the thorn in the flesh impede you. God's grace has already forgiven you. God's grace will strengthen you to make the trip. God’s grace has delivered you, is delivering you and will yet deliver you. Fears, bitterness, grudges, unreasonable guilt, lack of faith are all thorns but prayer will tweeze those thorns right out. And do not forget this: When you feel that all-sufficient grace of God, then move forward in confidence for the Lord has tried the way before you. He is walking right beside you and will carry you when you cannot walk. Believest thou this? You should because everything I just wrote is supported in the Word of God.

Elder David Montgomery